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Mar 1 2019 | Stanford Report
  Volcanoes, archaeology and the secrets of Roman concrete by Josie Garthwaite. Not many places on Earth experience seismicity and volcanism, while being an ancient town and functioning as a modern society. Stanford students applied modern tools to understand those links and what it means to live...
Feb 20 2019 | Nova
  PBS NOVA - Tiziana Vanorio on volcanoes and rock physics (starts at 37:50) In the shadow of Italy’s Vesuvius, a lesser-known volcano rumbles: Campi Flegrei. If it erupts, millions of lives could be at risk. Scientists explore its unique geology and develop a warning system that could prevent...
Sep 10 2018
An original research article led by Dulcie Head and published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth.  Needle mineral phases grown in the laboratory make rocks appear as a living creature! The needles sprout from a carbonate rock exposed to decarbonation and episodic release of CO2,...
Sep 10 2018
A paper recently published in the Journal of Geophysical Research - Solid Earth led by Tony Clark. Permeability of lime-cemented volcanic ash evolve during exposure to and reaction with CO2. Products from the reaction of CO2 with the cemented ash matrix reduce permeability and entrap fluids. If...
Dulcie Head
Jun 21 2018
Graduate Student Dulcie Head received the 2018 Centennial TA Award in the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences.
Jun 21 2018
Graduate Student Jackson MacFarlane received the 2018 Certificate for Outstanding Mentoring, for mentoring undergraduate students.


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